What Makes a Top-Notch Janitorial Service

When you a hire a commercial janitorial cleaning service, you want to make sure that not only is the quality of service offered excellent, but that the company is professional and trustworthy as well. After all, you’ll be granting janitorial staff access to your business and need to be able to trust its employees. However, there are many other traits that are common among the best External link opens in new tab or windowcommercial janitorial cleaning services in Dallas, TX.

When shopping for janitorial cleaning companies, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which one best meets your standards. However, by observing the traits of other top-notch cleaning services, you can discern which companies deserve your business and your trust. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a top-notch commercial janitorial service.

Mopping the floor Experience

When it comes to properly and efficiently cleaning a commercial building, nothing beats experience. It’s important that you ensure the cleaning companies you’re considering have been in business long enough to understand how to clean professional buildings. Also make sure that the company has experience cleaning other commercial buildings in your same industry. For example, the requirements for cleaning a medical facility may be different from those used when cleaning a law office or bank.


Professionalism is another top quality among the best companies in the commercial janitorial industry. Professionalism begins with the conduct of the employees who represent the company, whether it’s the owners, salespeople, or cleaning staff. Since the cleaning service staff will be working on your premises, you want to make sure that they uphold standards like the ones you maintain for your own employees. Also, check to see if the company is affiliated with any professional organizations for the janitorial industry.


Consistency is a key characteristic of the best cleaning services since you want unwavering quality that you can count on. One way to gauge the consistency of a service is by asking about current clients. Look for companies that have maintained the same accounts with clients for multiple years, which speaks to the standard of performance you can expect. After all, if the company didn’t do a good job, the client would find another service. Long records of service to core clients is indicative of solid performance.

Cleaning glass desk Well-Equipped

Commercial cleaning can be rigorous, but fortunately, the proper equipment can make it a more streamlined process. While the art of commercial cleaning requires a lot of elbow grease, it also requires some specialized equipment to be done correctly. Make sure that any company you’re considering has the equipment and associated know-how to accomplish the range of tasks you want done.


Because you’ll likely be giving your commercial janitorial staff access to your office after business hours, it’s important that they prove themselves worthy of your trust. The best commercial cleaning services conduct drug tests and background checks on all cleaning staff. A good service will also have an airtight process for handling access to your building. This involves a chain of custody for keys, keycards, or other electronic access devices. A janitorial service should take the security of your premises and property as seriously as if it was their own.