Top Reasons to Get Your Office Phone Cleaned

It's a vital piece of office equipment that you just can't do without—your telephone. Office telephones can get up to several hours of use a day, depending on your industry and each person's specific job functions. But did you know that telephones are surprisingly dirty?

Commercial cleaning teams that keep your office presentable and its conditions healthy should take care to wipe down and disinfect every phone thoroughly. Here are the top reasons why you should get your office phones cleaned.

Microbes Love Phones

Bacteria, viruses, and other germs love to live on telephones. So many hands and ears come into contact with telephones--not to mention saliva from speaking into the phone. This transfers pathogens onto the phone. If you provide a phone for public use, these phones are going to develop hordes of pathogens. When people eat, use the restroom, bite their nails, and engage in other germy activities, they can spread everything on their fingers onto their phones. And believe it or not, even private office phones can make people sick. That's because germs from their hands can end up on their ears or faces. All of this can add up to you getting sick, your coworkers getting a bug, and even your clients or customers falling ill.

It's Quick and Easy

Keeping your phones clean is a fast task and one that commercial cleaning solutions will gladly perform. All it takes is a simple dusting or wipe-down, then sanitizing the spots that get the most human contact—the dial, receiver, and cord. But that doesn't mean that everyone does it. Even if you mandate your employees to keep their workstations clean, there's no way to gauge that they're actually doing it. But commercial cleaning companies can do the dirty work for them, cleaning and sanitizing work stations, so they don't have to. Cleaning and sanitizing telephones kill pathogens and help keep your office healthy.

Improve Productivity

Believe it or not, eliminating icky phone conditions can improve office productivity. That's because a clean, sanitary office keeps you and your employees healthy. That means showing up to work more consistently, reducing sick leave, feeling a sense of pride in their workspace, and preventing illnesses that can make people sluggish or unfocused. Commercial cleaning services that take care to clean problem spots like telephones help your office work more productively and efficiently. Don't forget that healthy coworkers look more presentable too so that you can provide better customer service.

A Happier Office

People work better, feel happier, and enjoy coming to work when you have a happy work environment. There have been many studies that connect messy, crowded, and dirty desks with a sharp decline in productivity, and even a negative outlook toward work. But if you keep your desks clean and your phones sanitized, everyone will feel better about coming to work. That means providing better services, a more pleasant workplace environment, and the satisfaction that comes from being healthy.

Commercial cleaning is vital to your office, and thankfully, you can hire commercial cleaning at prices that are fair and affordable. Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Dallas, TX, because we offer thorough services, paying special attention to problem areas like office telephones, and offer great rates for regular services. We can visit as often as you'd like to keep your office conditions healthy. Contact us at today at 469-992-8888 to learn more.