Top Hidden Germ Spots in Commercial Offices

If you manage an office, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities. One of your most important roles is to make sure everyone is working in a clean office environment. Sadly, no matter how careful you are, there are going to be areas that are susceptible to hidden germs. Here are some of the most common places germs are likely to gather, and a few tips on how to deal with them.


Coffee pot Coffee Pots

Most offices use the same coffee pots every day, several times a day. Rarely are they ever thoroughly cleaned and are more likely to just get a quick rinse from time to time. Since most people are bad at washing their hands—and don’t do it as often as they should throughout the day—the handles on coffee pots can become depositories for all sorts of nasty germs, and the handles are almost never washed. Throw in the fact that coffee pot handles are warm and damp, and you can imagine how susceptible they are to gathering germs. To alleviate the threat, make sure your office coffee pot is cleaned thoroughly with soap and water every evening.


Kitchen Sponges

Office kitchen sponges are breeding grounds for germs. Often there will be one sponge that will be used by several workers for days on end, resulting in a germ-infested mess. Replace sponges with new ones on a regular basis or switch to paper towels. If you have a dishwasher, periodically wash the sponges in there as hot water and soap will kill most germs.



As you know, employees don’t just do their work on desks. They eat and drink at their desks and put all sorts of dirty things on them. Also, coworkers will drop by and sit or rest their hands on each other’s desks all the time. Not only are desks routinely dirty, but germs can easily spread from one desk to another and throughout the office. Similarly, light switches and hand rails are high touch areas where germs are routinely transferred from person to person. Only regular cleaning can remove most germs from all the desks in the office. To get the best results, you’ll need to hire commercial cleaning services.

Eating at desk Office Equipment

There are places in the office that are used by everyone at different points in the day. Copiers, for instance, offer several opportunities to be manipulated by dirty hands. The copier handles, the buttons, and trays all require manual operation and can accumulate germs. Hand carts are also vulnerable to germs. Since the handles on carts are almost never cleaned, it’s very easy for the user to transfer germs from a dirty handle and onto a package or envelope they’re delivering, quickly spreading germs throughout an office.


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