The Most Common Things Businesses Forget to Clean

If you own a business, you probably already understand the importance of commercial cleaning. Of course, there’s a public perception element in the cleanliness of any business, as the state of your premises says a lot about the quality of your company’s standards. However, there’s also a public health element included in the equation, as the health of both your customers and coworkers can be adversely impacted if conditions in the place of business are unclean.

Because of the diligence required to maintain clean conditions in a highly trafficked business space, many companies elect to hire commercial office cleaning services in Oklahoma City, OK. Hiring a commercial cleaning service not only ensures that your employees can spend more time worrying about your business than cleaning tasks, but it also guarantees that your premises will be thoroughly and competently cleaned. That’s important because businesses that rely on their employees to maintain cleanliness standards often find that their facilities are lacking when it comes to the cleanliness of many spaces. Read on to learn more about some of the most common things that businesses without cleaning services forget to clean regularly.

Doorknobs and Switch Plates

There are few surfaces in the average business environment that are touched more frequently than the doorknobs. People pick up germs on their hands every time they touch a surface. Those pathogens then get transferred to every subsequent surface that is touched. Since doorknobs must be touched each time someone passes through a door, they accumulate and concentrate germs. Switch plates are similar in that they are touched often by a variety of people in the business environment. Unfortunately, those surfaces are often forgotten when it comes time for cleaning.

Office Machines

Office machines, including computers, copiers, printers, and fax machines, are also a common source of germs in the business environment. Everybody in the office uses these machines, and to do so, they must push buttons on the keypad to perform their work. Whether because those who are cleaning the office are afraid to use cleaning products on sensitive office machines or they simply neglect to clean them, the keypads on these pieces of equipment can become squalid in short order without proper cleaning.

Office Furniture

When assuming cleaning tasks in the office environment, the focus is usually on sweeping the floors and vacuuming carpets and cleaning restroom facilities or breakrooms. However, cleaning the furniture is often neglected. However, office furniture, especially pieces with fabric seats and cushions, harbor incredible amounts of dust and dirt. Unclean office furniture can detract from indoor air quality, which can impact employee health and productivity.

Windows, Mirrors, and Screens

Windows, mirrors, and screens, by their very nature, are some of the most looked upon items in the average office environment. However, they are often forgotten when it comes time to handle cleaning tasks. Maybe it’s because they are so often viewed that they are ignored, but glass surfaces in your business can accumulate a great deal of dust and fingerprints unless they are routinely cleaned.

Indoor Plants

Plants perform as more than just decoration in an office environment, as they can also improve air quality. However, plants can also be a liability in overall cleanliness, especially if they are forgotten when it’s time to complete cleaning tasks. Plant leaves accumulate dust easily, and cleaning them is not easy since they can’t be exposed to any chemical cleaners. Also, some indoor plants periodically drop dead leaves, contributing even more to the cleaning workload.

If you have trouble maintaining the desired level of cleanliness in your business, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service. A good cleaning service will make sure your business is tidy and clean, including these often-forgotten surfaces. To learn more about the most common things that businesses forget to clean, contact Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning at (469) 992-8888.