Reasons Why Commercial Window Cleaning Is Important

You’re a proud business owner! You’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning your product. Your reputation is gold. From the inside, you have a top-notch organization. What about the view from the outside? Curb appeal these days is underrated. Sparkling clean windows is a great place to start. Learn more here about why commercial window cleaning is your best option.

The Wonders of Natural Light

Clean windows aren’t only appealing from the street. The people working inside a building with sparkling clean windows appreciate natural light. When it comes to lighting, there’s a big difference between fluorescent lighting and daylight. Natural sunlight makes people feel better. Who can argue with the gift of being able to look outside during the workday? The only drawback to windows is they must be cleaned. Dirty windows, whether you’re on the outside looking in, or vice versa, make your business look and feel unprofessional. Janitorial cleaning services keep your windows sparkling and let in the maximum amount of natural sunlight. Your staff and your customers will thank you.


Not Just Paper Towel Clean

If you’ve ever tried DIY window cleaning at the office, you know it’s not as simple as it sounds. Anyone can grab a paper towel and a spray bottle. A commercial window cleaner goes way beyond the cleaning solutions found in your supply closet. Professional cleaners use specialized equipment and cleaning products. They also bring years of experience to the table. Besides, clean windows aren’t one-sided. You must clean both the inside and the outside or they’re not truly clean. Outside cleaning presents a safety issue, which we’ll talk about next.

The Safety Factor

Whether you’re talking about the inside or the outside windows, there’s the idea of safety to consider. Many commercial buildings have tall windows that require someone climbing a ladder if you intend to clean the highest point of the window. If you or an employee climbs a ladder, you’re at risk for injury and insurance liability issues. Window cleaning without training and the right equipment is a dangerous activity. When you research janitorial cleaning solutions in Oklahoma City, you’ll notice professionals are normally licensed and insured. If you ask, you’ll find out they also require safety training for their employees. Keep yourself and your staff safe.

Commercial Window Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance of your business property is something that comes with the territory. If you lease your commercial space, maintenance is also part of the legal contract between you and the property owner. The responsibility for window cleaning is normally included in a lease.  Contracting for janitorial cleaning ensures you meet the lease requirements. Also, commercial window cleaning companies are trained to notice window damage. They can alert you so that you can let your property management company know repairs are needed.

Better for Your Budget

If you’re still thinking about going the DIY route, consider the following costs:

·         Equipment

·         Cleaning products

·         Time

Janitorial cleaning rates in Oklahoma City should include all of the above.  Professionals can always do the job more efficiently. They can also get it done in a more cost-effective way than most business owners who DIY.

Spring is the perfect time to start routine window cleaning for your business. Contact Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning and schedule a cleaning consultation today!