How Dirty Floors Can Hurt Your Business

Some people like to say, “A little dirt never hurt anyone.” While that might be true when it comes to getting your hands a little dirty, dirty floors actually can hurt your business. If you’ve been ignoring the dirt and dust bunnies accumulating on your business’s floors, then it’s high time you looked into commercial cleaning solutions in Dallas, TX. Keep reading to find out how leaving your office floors dirty can hurt your company in the long run.

Shorter Life Span for Your Flooring

Whether it’s carpet, tile, linoleum, or even concrete, all floors will wear out eventually. The goal is to make your existing flooring last as long as possible—and the best way to do that is with daily cleaning. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris on your floors will actually damage them. That filth accumulates quickly in carpets, leading to stains, can scratch up hardwood and tile, discolor grout lines, and more. If you want to avoid replacing your office’s flooring every few years, you should make sure it’s getting properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Lower Employee Morale

Employees should feel good about where they work. And while there are a lot of factors that contribute to employee morale, one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve morale is to provide a clean work environment. It’s hard to feel proud about where you work if it’s constantly dirty. So, do your employees a favor and get those floors cleaned.

Reduced Productivity

Dirty floors can impact your employees in another way as well by reducing their overall productivity. While it may be difficult to notice at first, the low morale we mentioned above will actually sap your employee’s drive to work. The lower their morale, the lower their productivity.

Additionally, a dirty work environment can contribute to increased rates of employee illness, and as you likely know, sick employees just aren’t as productive as healthy ones. Germs can accumulate on flooring just as easily as on any other surface and can be stirred up as employees walk through. This contributes to the spread of any sicknesses to other employees. If you want to reduce the number of sick days your employees take, and you want to have them working productively instead of constantly sniffling at their desks when they’re in the office, cleaning your floors is a good place to start.

A Bad Impression

Odds are, employees aren’t the only ones who walk through your business. Whatever industry you’re in, you likely have customers, suppliers, or potential business partners or investors that come in on a regular basis. What kind of impression are those dirt-streaked floors making? Are you showing these people that you’re a high-level professional who cares about your business? Or are you showing that you’re willing to cut corners to save a buck? As a business owner, you should always be concerned about your brand’s image, and odds are, you don’t want dirt to be a part of that image.

If you’re ready to spruce up your office by getting the floors professionally cleaned, contact Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning. We’re one of the top commercial cleaning companies in Dallas, TX, and we’ll ensure that your business is spic and span in no time flat. Give us a call at 405-330-1172 today!