Busting Major Misconceptions about Commercial Cleaning

Man Wearing a Mask and Cleaning Elevator

Maintaining a clean work environment isn’t just about keeping a tidy workspace. There are bigger concerns when it comes to workplace cleanliness, as a lack of it can not only offend your fellow employees but can actually harm your bottom line by chasing away customers. Cleanliness is key in almost every type of business, as there are safety issues involved as well. Because of the importance of a clean, sanitary workplace, most offices contract out their cleaning tasks to commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City.


Though most people admit that workplace health, safety, and appearance are good reasons to strive for a clean work environment, there are some persistent misconceptions that swirl around the commercial cleaning industry. As is usually the case when myths abound, those common misconceptions are easily tamped down with facts and knowledge. Keep reading to learn about a few of the major myths surrounding commercial cleaning and how they can be debunked.

Myth 1: It Isn’t Necessary

Some business owners convince themselves that commercial cleaning isn’t necessary. They think that employees can simply clean up after themselves and maintain their workstations, and there’ll be no need for additional cleaning. Whether this misconception is driven by ignorance of human behavior or a desire to trim operating costs, it’s incorrect, nonetheless. Even if you can convince staff to self-police their work areas, there are still common areas such as the bathrooms, breakrooms, and lobbies that must be cleaned regularly. Therefore, commercial cleaning is key to maintaining not only safe, sanitary working conditions for your staff, but for presenting the outward appearance of order and professionalism to the public.

Myth 2: In-House Janitorial Staff Are Cheaper

While some businesses once maintained in-house janitorial staff to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance tasks, that’s no longer the norm. The reason is that it’s no longer cost-effective. Paying for janitorial staff salaries and benefits is costly, and it can lead to an issue known as payroll bloat that can impact your bottom line. Also, for smaller businesses with only a few employees, maintaining specialized staff positions dedicated only to cleaning is cumbersome and makes little sense. It’s better to contract your company cleaning services out, as it will be cheaper and more convenient than maintaining in-house cleaning staff.

Myth 3: Commercial Cleaning Is the Same as Household Cleaning

Many people assume that cleaning a commercial property is just like cleaning a household, just on a larger scale. That’s not the case, as there are differences in the kinds of equipment and products that are used in either environment. For example, when was the last time you needed to use a powered floor waxing machine at your home? Also, in your home, you may place a priority on cleaning products that smell nice and are affordable. In a commercial cleaning environment, there’s more emphasis on product effectiveness, so professional grade cleaners tend to be fragrance-free but more effective at eliminating germs. Using the wrong products in a work environment can lead to degraded air quality, which can have regulatory and legal implications.

Myth 4: Commercial Cleaning Services Aren’t Trustworthy

One primary objection that many business owners offer when it comes to commercial cleaning services is that they can’t trust outside cleaning staff enough to give them after-hours access to the premises. However, while there have certainly been cases involving shady behavior by dishonest cleaning staff in the past, that’s not at all the norm. In fact, the best commercial cleaning services are licensed and bonded, meaning they are trustworthy, and you are therefore protected from any losses stemming from cleaning service work on your property. When you select a quality company that displays top-notch professionalism, there’s no reason not to trust your cleaning service.


While there are many myths surrounding commercial cleaning in Oklahoma City, those misconceptions can easily be refuted with knowledge and solid information. Most professional commercial cleaning companies are trustworthy, affordable, and highly effective at maintaining the cleanliness of commercial properties. To learn more about busting the myths associated with commercial cleaning, contact Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning at (405) 330-1172.